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Protocel Products

Protocel is a powerful antioxidant. We make it easy to buy Protocel online. To learn more, view our most popular Protocel product.


Check out our new Whole Plant Hemp Extract!!


Our Whole Plant Hemp Extract is in a liposomal form.   Liposomes carry the nutrients in spheres of fatty acids, the same fatty acids that make up our cell membranes.  Because liposomes are so small and contain teh same fatty acids as our cell membranes they pass through our bloodstream and cell membranes easily. This means more powerful compounds gets to the cells and they get there faster. The traditional oral based nutrients deliver, on average, just 10-20% of their nutrients to the bloodstream. The majority is lost in the gastric system where it is broken down and some lost through elimination. Liposomal technology protects the supplement from breaking down in the gastric system. The result is Liposomal supplements deliver up to 90% of the nutrient to the bloodstream. This means our Liposomal Hemp Extract is typically 4.5 times stronger per dose than other non-liposomal Hemp Extracts!  


Liposome Nutrients are the most effective efficient oral means to for the body to absorb vital nutrients into your body. Liposomes are microscopic sized sphere of phospholipid molecules enclosing a nutrient

60 servings per bottle

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All Vive and Ultra Whey Orders need to be placed at www.viveshake.com

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For extra nutrition with Protocel check out Vive shake.

Vive Whole Food Complete Daily Nutrition Drink Mix


Vive is real food! Vive can be a meal replacement and supplement replacement all in one. When you drink a Vive shake you don’t have to bother with pulling out extra bottles of supplements two or three times per day. Vive has it all, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, prebiotics, probiotics, fiber, protein and is low in sugar. Vive! is nutrition made simple. Having a Vive shake is like eating a bowl full of super foods!   



 I just wanted to say thank you for going the extra mile to work with such a great company to create the VIVE. This product is of the highest quality and the product works just as you said it would!! It just shows that you truly care about the health and wellness of others.

I love the Vive. Most every day I make mine into a soft serve ice cream and eat it with a spoon,
I feel like I am still getting a wonderful daily treat. I have lost 7 lbs since starting VIVE, I skip one meal a day and drink or eat my VIVE. I have more energy, losing weight a healthy way, I have more clarity and I LOVE BOTH Flavors!!

Gwen I.


"The use of VIVE is a difference maker for the football team at J.F. Byrnes High School. The correct balance of carbs, fats and proteins provide the natural boost of short and long term energy an athlete needs to finish a game or a training session.  I feel it is the best supplement and the best value on the market.  VIVE mixes easily in a shaker cup with water for readily available and quick consumption.  VIVE is the new Superfood and I highly recommend that any strengh coach or trainer give Vive a try"…Michael Srock, Speed and Strength Coach, J. F. Byrnes High School


"I have been using Vive for some time now and find it incredibly delicious and effective. I have lost about 12 pounds and feel great. I highly recommend it for those looking to lose weight, feel energized, or just want to replace a meal. Also great as a dessert." G.P


 Listen here as Wally Bishop, the creator of Vive, explains why he created Vive and it’s many health benefits.  Weight loss and complete daily nutrition made simple in a delicious shake twice a day. Not compatible with Protocel.

Watch Wally Tell You How He Lost over 200 Pounds

Why I Created Vive! 

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 Want to renew your body? Take your health as far as you like! I take the confusion and fear away.  Change your life today.


Your diet and lifestyle have everything to do with your health.


Four Principles of Wellness

1.    Nutrition is king, king, king! Nutrition is 300 to 400% more important than exercise is to your state of wellness.  You can’t handle stress or get the benefits of exercise without great nutrition.

2.    Stress is a killer and will undermine all attempts to reach a state of MAXIMUM LIFE.

3.    Physical activity is critical to reach a place of wellness. You cannot have a MAXIMUM LIFE without exercise in some form.

4.    Spiritual and social fulfillment is critical for a state of wellness, happiness and having a MAXIMUM LIFE.