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Awakening the Genius Within
Research led by Dr. Michael Kirac, demonstrates that BSF helps restore the "inner genius" of the endocrine (hormonal) system, which regulates all aspects of health.

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Maximize Your Life eBook
This book teaches you how to bring health back into your life regardless of your age, gender, unique life routines and culture. Diets and fads do not work, only a lifestyle designed to foster true health brings long-term health and happiness.

America is the fattest and sickest of all industrialized nations. Yet America spends more than twice what other healthier nations spend on health care.

The American Diet is the major cause of illness in our country. Modern medicine does not address the building of health. Modern medicine manages disease and illness by treating symptoms instead of the cause of illness.
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Outsmart Your Cancer
Authored by Tonya Harter Pierce,"Outsmart Your Cancer" provides a comprehensive overview of safe, alternative therapies for many health conditions. In addition, this book gives patients and their loved ones an action plan for evaluating conventional and alternative therapies as well as offering a measurable dose of hope.
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