Pet Nutrition

These two products are superior nutritional health products for your pets. They are natural unprocessed pure nutrition.

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Rev our proprietary Rice Bran Product is the most nutrient dense single food source on the planet and has been a favorite for horse breeders and their horses for decades due to its enormous energy providing capabilities and health restoring properties. Its a very low allergen product and is great for humans and and animals a like.

Rice Brand Nutritional Values

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Biopreparation testimonies for animals

Bio Preparation is a blend of 4 algae that make a perfect food containing all of the building blocks necessary for optimal health. 

The BP Formula F2+ for animal is used for nutritional support, replacement of other supplements and vitamins, for general health maintenance, anti-aging, immune system support, and weight loss

 The BP Formula F3+ for animal has more nutraceutical strength and is used for advance nutritional health maintenance, anti-aging, immune system support, weight loss and nutritional support.

 The BIOPREPARATION formulas contain specifically proportioned amount of the four micro-algae; Spirulina Pacifica, Spirulina Plantentis, Dunaliella and Heomatoccoccus Pluvialis for its high astaxanthin content. Besides achieving completeness, balance and synergies, the formulas have greater nutraceutical efficiency from formula F2+ to formula F3+ due to the presence of more red algae and its colorful pigments in F3+.

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