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Our mission is to help you achieve your health goals through a healthy diet and lifestyle. We serve as a mentor and coach providing you with the knowledge and guidance necessary to build a healthy body. Nutrition is the very cornerstone our health building capability.


Wallace Bishop, C.N.C.



Wallace Bishop has been in the nutrition health field for several years, and is a Certified Nutritional Consultant. He is a member of the Institute for Functional Medicine and American Fitness Professionals and Associates.  Wallace holds certifications as a Nutritional and Wellness Consultant.  Wallace is the President and CEO of WebND LLC, and Renewal and Wellness, both are nutrition and health focused company's.


Wallace is actively involved in local and national health promotion efforts.  Wallace is working with community organizations as a speaker and educator, to teach individuals and parents how to transition to a healthy lifestyle.


As a nutritional consultant, his primary focus is to empower his clients through nutritional and healthy lifestyle education.