What is lysing?

  • Lysing is the medical term which means “self-digestion”. This is what happens to the unhealthy cells (bad cells) as their cell frequency is lowered by the taking of Protocel. Once the frequency is lowered, the cell can no longer stay cohesive and breaks apart or and actually starts to self destruct, thus the lysing begins. Once a cell has broken apart the body gets it out any way it can, your body will recognize it as a “waste product” and will send it out through the normal avenues in which waste products leave our bodies; i.e., bowel movements, urine, night sweats, nasal drainage,  a rash, tears, ear wax, breathing, etc. In other words, any avenue your body decides to send it out. You could have it in all avenues or just a few. Most people eliminate the majority of the lysed material through their bowels and urine output. A few individuals will cough it up and some will vomit it up. The vomiting is very rare, but it is a quick way to get it out of your body. Sometimes in the first couple of weeks after beginning to take Protocel is when the waste product usually “shows up”. The waste product has often been described as looking like a raw egg white (a yellow-white or clear look). It usually has the body and texture of a raw egg yellow-white and will leave a slimy feeling on your skin if you touch it. Sometimes it is yellowish white in appearance and can even be bubbly and /or frothy looking; similar to an egg white when you are making meringue. A lot of individuals do not even realize that they are eliminating until someone who knows what to look for starts questioning them on what is happening with their bodies. In the beginning the elimination should be greater. The less unhealthy cells in the body, the less will come out. However, it should not instantly go away, and should remain in the bowel movements and urine until your body is restored as these areas which have been affected.
  • There are some individuals who have no outward evidence of waste product. If you happen to be one of them, do not be concerned. This does not mean that you are not recovering. Your body is rejuvenating the way it needs to for you to experience optimal health.