Are there any dietary requirements while taking Protocel?

  • There are a few recommendations which will assist your body take full advantage of Protocel. A vegan diet is not recommended while taking Protocel. It is recommended that you eat a normal yet healthy diet while taking Protocel.   It is our opinion that your diet should be balanced including all food groups, consisting of vegetables, low sugar fruits, whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds, cold water wild caught fish and organic lean meats .  It is important to understand how many calories and how much protein you need daily, our Nutritionist can assist you with this information. However, this choice should be made from a position of knowledge and drastically changing your diet while being sick is not always a good idea. Additionally, at this point in time, your body needs a lot of energy which should come from living food sources. Therefore, eating an excess of processed food (including frozen, deli, boxed) fast food, as well as items considered junk food and sweets, will not benefit your body or your restoring process. 
  • Moderate changes in your diet would include purchasing all meat that you eat from a local butcher or from a source where the animals have been free-ranged. It is important to get away from all meats that are from hormone and antibiotic injected animals. Purchase your eggs from a local farmer where the chickens have also been free ranged and not force fed chemicals for mass production purposes. Stop eating all prepackaged food sources such as frozen dinners, boxed macaroni and cheese, etc. These are full of unwanted chemicals that your body does not know how to process. Also many of these prepackaged food sources are extremely high in salt content. Make these type dinners from scratch. Become more label conscious. The first 4 to 5 ingredients on the label are the highest concentration of ingredients in that product. If you cannot pronounce it you probably should not be eating it. You do not necessarily have to go “organic”. Again, this would be a personal choice. 
  • If you choose to drastically change your diet, such as going from a meat eater to a vegetarian, please schedule an appointment with our nutritionist, to make sure that you are getting the maximum benefit from the foods you are consuming and your new life style regimen. 
  • Juicing can also be done while taking Protocel, however not more than once a day. Again, this should be done with research making sure that you are not overloading your body with too much sugar or energy nutrients. Certain vegetables, when juiced, can become toxic to the body in large quantities.

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